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Red walnut bureau bookcase

€ 2350.00

Extremely rare red walnut bureau, with later (19th century) custom made bookcase added. Red walnut was used only for a small number of years in the early 18th century, as mahogany took over the market being cheaper and easier to work, most of these pieces pre-date similar mahogany pieces, it is exeptionaly dark and heavy and at first glance appears to be mahogany but the grain pattern is similar to a walnut and the weight is considerably more as this walnut was harvested from a very cold North America.

It has a remarkble shine and depth in an original wax finish,  and it has it's original swan handles, drawers are all  oak linned as is the top bookcase. lovely scolloped interior with an atractive array of drawers and a pigeon hole.

size: 50cm x 93cm x 219cm tall.