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Cuban Mahogany lamptableSOLD

This is a very rare piece being made in about 1750 in solid Cuban mahogany, it is french polished to a high gloss, and has a gorgeous colour and feel to it .

size : 53cm x 35cm x 67cm high.

Cuban Mahogany : 

 Cuba owes its distinguished history to the extraordinary variety and profusion of hardwoods which grew on the island prior to the destruction of its forests for planting of coffee and sugar during the nineteenth century. Cuban mahogany (Swietenia mahogani), also known as Havana wood, became renowned the world over as a cabinet wood – its first British enthusiast was the carpenter on Sir Walter Raleigh’s voyage to South America in 1595. It was extensively used in the Havana shipyard whence some of the world’s most famous ships were launched; several of them fought at Trafalgar. Now all hardwoods are protected by the Cuban government while reforestation takes place.